The NUR psychotherapeutic method is a method that tries to connect with the origin of the trauma. It comes from my frustration with conventional therapies that were based on talking. Talking gives an explanation to understand what was happening to me, but nothing beyond. There is that negative experience that the body has been blocking. Through the body we can gain access to it. Through an altered state of consciousness, we access that information, which we do not consciously have. In the body the negative experience can be expressed and transformed. We arrive at the traumatic experience through 3 pillars. The first is the altered state of consciousness and we achieve it through a question and the question is how much of you is present here now. Through that question and combining it with an ocular position, the person finds the part that is not present. So, we got to that state. The person may feel pressure, pain. That leads us to do the exercises. The third pillar would be the integration of the family system. In the family system there are encysted traumas, and the body has access to them. The method is aimed at anyone who wants to search within themselves or who has a part of themselves that does not allow them to enjoy their life.