NUR Method

Psychotherapeutic method that intends to find in the least number of sessions, where the psychological trauma is located.

The innovation of this method concerns integrating and including different levels of work and depth. One of the basic parts of learning concerns the connection with our empty center, that place where we locate a helping channel, and only from there can we help in an efficient way, enabling the patient to resolve.

We work on several levels:

A first level of thought, beliefs. We will find out about the childhood. This is the first level for people who are not excessively traumatized. We include slight hypnosis for help.

A second level of body is found with ocular position and listening of the body. The body talks and tells where to go, where the trauma is located. The blocking is in the stomach, legs, throat… until we don’t unlock this level, we don’t consider the work is being done in a deep level. This level can be used for people securely traumatized.

A third systemic level. Concerns our family system. The conflicts or traumas passed on from generations. The pain is in the family system and our body knows.

These 3 levels are worked on simultaneously and you can access the nuclear conflict more quickly.

The NUR method has been used for different pathologies like anxiety disorders, depression, dissociative disorders, TEPT.